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Union Securities Switzerland SA (USS) is a FINMA-registered Securities Dealer.

USS offers Execution, Research and Advisory services across all asset classes, including Equities, Bonds, Mutual Funds, Derivatives, and Structured Products. Headquartered in Geneva, the Company serves a large number of Swiss and International clients. USS differentiates itself on the basis of its unique entrepreneurial spirit. The management team is highly experienced and singularly focused on the needs of today’s global client.



USS offers execution services for Global Financial Markets with institutional pricing across asset classes in Asia, Europe, and North America. The Company provides access to trading algorithms, alternative venues, and OTC markets with the Best Execution in accordance with regulatory requirements at all levels of the trading process. USS also acts as a Market Maker, providing liquidity and depth for a number of structured products and bonds. In rendering these services, the USS trading team draws on an extensive background in Structured Investment Solutions, accrued over decades of combined experience at investment banks on both the buy- and sell-side.


USS offers access to a suite of comprehensive in-house equity research services. These include development of bespoke investment strategies, market news and event calendars, model portfolios, and fundamental equity analysis. Above all, USS aims to support its clients through the life of each strategy and provide timely advice on exit points.

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